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If you are troubled by loose or sagging skin, you may want to consider skin tightening treatments. These services are available from Kimberly Johnston and the team at The Total You Medical Spa in Houston locations on Business Center Drive, Bellaire, and at The Blossom Hotel. Call today to book your visit, or try the easy online scheduling tool.

What is skin tightening?


Skin tightening is an advanced medical aesthetic treatment that helps create a firmer, tighter, and more youthful facial appearance. It’s a wonderful solution to the sagging skin that develops as your body loses collagen cells, which are the natural padding that softens and rounds facial contouring.

The Total You Medical Spa is proud to offer skin tightening using the Agnes Precision® RF platform, an industry-leading system that delivers outstanding results. Microneedling uses tiny sterile needles to create microchannels into the deeper layers of your skin. 

Your body responds with a prompt healing reaction, creating new collagen cells. Those new cells smooth and stretch your skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and lines. Agnes RF incorporates radiofrequency energy to create heat that further prompts the healing reaction.

What benefits can Agnes RF deliver?


Agnes RF skin tightening can help with a number of common aging-related skin conditions. Some of the benefits you can enjoy as a result of these treatments include:

  • Lower eyelid rejuvenation

  • Upper eyelid tightening

  • Earlobe repair

  • Jawline sculpting

  • Enlarged pore reduction

  • Acne reduction 

  • Smoothed scar tissue

  • Wrinkle reduction

Treatments can also deliver submental reduction, which is a lessening of fullness in the area beneath your chin. Depending on your treatment goals, your practitioner might recommend setting the Agnes RF platform to deliver one deeper treatment or several more shallow treatments. 

What happens during Agnes RF treatments?


When you come in for your treatment session, a special numbing cream reduces the sensation in the treatment area. Once the cream takes effect, your practitioner adjusts the Agnes RF platform to the right settings for your skin. 

Thin, sterile treatment needles cover the treatment handpiece. As your practitioner moves the handpiece over the surface of your skin, the treatment needles move in and out rapidly, puncturing the outermost layers of skin. 

The platform delivers pulses of carefully controlled radiofrequency energy through the needles. This creates an instant coagulation effect, which is the first stage in skin tightening. 

A degree of redness, swelling, and mild bruising is normal in the days following your treatments. Your skin quickly responds to treatment, and your results develop over the coming weeks. 

To learn more about Agnes RF skin tightening treatment, book a face-to-face consultation online or by phone today.

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